Northern Folk Release Date Announced

Palavas, France 12th of March 2015

I have some exciting news. My first full length album will be released April 27. After almost a year of processing I now know which songs will be included, how they will sound and what the physical object will look like. It consists of 12 songs of which one– Under The Willow Tree– Piers Faccini wrote for me. There are a few amazing collaborations on it– like with for instance bass player Pat Donaldson who has earlier played with Sandy Denny or with shawm player Johan Persson who plays in one of my favourite renaissance bands Vagando. More on this later!

JENNY cover HD

  1.  A Painter’s Brush
  2. Giving Thanks
  3. Dancing On The Edge
  4. Blackbird
  5. Northern Folk
  6. Arms Wide To The Sky
  7. Lavender Philosophy
  8. Under The Willow Tree
  9. This Boat
  10. Jag Målade Fan På Väggen
  11. Mind Me
  12. Were We Both Lions?

Two days ago I landed in France and am currently staying in Palavas preparing my first show on my first tour. On Friday I’ll be playing with Piers Faccini and Simone Prattico in the Théâtre de villeneuve lès maguelone. How do I feel? Well, I have my head in the clouds (as always more or less). It feels amazing to begin this new journey by playing with two of my favourite musicians. I feel grateful everyday for being on this project. It’s a constant source of joy.

I have notes from the recording sessions of Northern Folk scribbled down everywhere. My memory is not the best, so when I remember something new about the recording, which I still do every now and then, I grab whatever’s at hand and write it down… Randomly picking one out for you:

It’s been interesting to experience that certain arrangements seems to be almost innately attached to certain memories, as if they were actually part of them, like an extension of them. When creating a song, there are some sounds that everyone can hear because the songwriter has chosen to let them sound. But there are also sounds that only some can hear– voices and colours that ring out in the background and tells more. It seems like what a good arranger has, among many other things, is an incredible ability of compassion and empathy that helps to tune in to those faint voices that sometimes not even the songwriter can hear– then they listen, understand, interpret and finally enhance them to clarity for more ears to hear. It’s nothing but a work of magic.”