Northern Folk says Hello

Ekerö, 13th of  May 2015

I woke up early– yes, I am very fond of early mornings– the day of the release of Northern Folk feeling like I used to feel for my birthdays when I was younger. I was so excited to see what was going to happen, I expected all sorts of things! But there was no knock on the door, the phone didn’t ring, the mailbox remained empty and there was no marching parade outside my window. But that day was still different. Nothing could bring me down. The world just seemed to be extra bright and sort of shimmering. I went out to buy some organic strawberries and that was how I celebrated.


The album begins with a recently made song I call Zeus– on the album it’s called A Painter’s Brush. I set my alarm clock very early one morning, because I didn’t want to go to work and I wanted to have the morning hours to do  something worthwhile with my life. The sun was just breaking through the night and the house was yawning and stretching awake. The cats were crying for food. After I fed them, I stepped through the backyard door. The night’s frosts were melting in the sun and left a wistful shimmer. Everything was quiet, there was just a low roar as the lake turned over in its sleep unwilling to wake. The shimmer of the melting frosts cried out to me, as if they were memories that wanted to be remembered. But I just let them shimmer. And I thought to myself— ‘let it melt and sink into green’. And so forgetting found Zeus.

Cricket colour two

The album was in one very nice review compared to the stories and illustrations of Beatrix Potter. Out of all the other artists I’ve been compared to– so far, this is the one I feel most comfortable with. I have often heard that I seem beyond my age which I’ve thought is kind of funny because to me, I’m one of the most childish people I know. But maybe that’s how everyone feels?