The Gifts Of November

Edinburgh 27th of November 2014

It is the end of November, the month that marks the calm before the storm. It is the last month of autumn that leads into winter and the great struggle for warmth and light. Always such a powerful drama. November and I have always gotten along well, and this year, it brought a generous number of good little things with it. This website for example. Me and my sister has been working on it for the past couple of weeks. I am very grateful towards my sister, this website would not be here if she had not helped me as much as she did. One of the downsides of having so many good things to share though, is that I won’t be able to get into depths about each one of them, but if I feel they crave more attention they will get it in a later post.

How is my album doing? The songs have all been mixed and sent to mastering. Beating Drum has now begun the process of designing one of those beautiful little objects it is devoted to making. I am so excited to share it with you– all in good time; March.

I am in Edinburgh right now, here to go to my sister’s graduation ceremony at Edinburgh University.  When I was younger, I had a vague dream to study there myself, so I am very happy to be experiencing this ceremony. Scotland is also the home of one of my long favourite songwriters– Robin Adams. During my stay here, I’ve had the privilege to meet him to talk about art and life. These rare unusual moments and meetings feels to me like walking into  a room that is just stuffed with things I am searching for. When I realise that, I sort of just sit back and rest with the relief of having finally found it, forgetting to explore what’s in there. I just enjoy being there surrounded by it and suddenly that’s enough.  But they certainly are well hidden these things we are looking for. I have often wondered what it is that decides what’s to be found and what is not, whose music is to be heard and whose is not. It partly has its answer in the next gift november brought:


It has brought news of the release of the Beating Drum compilation The Many Are One. Piers Faccini–who runs the label and is also the producer and arranger of my songs, a friend and inspiration– has put together this collection of artists with the words:

It’s so easy to listen to music today, to consume it, it’s all there a click away but as we channel surf from artist to artist on Spotify or Deezer, hoping to discover some unknown treasure, what better recommendation could there be than one made by the artists themselves? Our compilation personalizes the process, no data collection or prying analysis needed, The Many Are One is simply me introducing you directly to the artists I love…”

 I am overwhelmed and proud and above all happy, to be featured among some of my own favourite artists contributing with one of my warmest songs. The album will be released on the 8th of December and is available for pre-order here (with an instant download of the three first tracks).

I am so excited to receive it myself, already completely in love with the first track Bolder by Horsedreamer:

That’s all for now… Heading out for some new adventures!

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